Semester 1 News

   The school year is off to a great start! Here are some bits of information that might be helpful to you:

You may purchase uniforms throughout the year.
Make sure your name is written on it in black permanent marker.
Shorts are $15, shirts are $10.
You may wear sweats over your uniform on cooler days outside.
     (no hoodies or full zipper sweatshirts)
You will need athletic-type shoes for this class.

Classes 2nd-5th will be participating in our bowling unit.
$6 will be due to your teacher by Friday, November 17th.
It is one of the class-favorite units, so we are excited to be able to offer it again this year!

School Sports:
Our school offers cross country, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and track & field.
You will need to have a doctor sign a sports physical paper before you wil;l be allowed to try out.
Get the form from the front office and turn in the doctor signed paper.
You only need to do this ONE TIME while you are at EVMS, so get it soon.
**The school district has a medical clinic on Tues/Thurs you could utilize for this. Call 283-2600 if you'd like further info. Other options are to go to your doctor, or an urgent care facility, or look in the newspaper for future free clinics that they have here in town once a month.

If you are absent more than once in the week, you need to do a sports summary article to make up your participation points for the day. (If you are absent for a school activity, you are excluded for this assignment) Read a sports newspaper article, sports magazine, online sports news, or watch a sports channel to get the information needed to write a 1/2 page summary to turn in. Make sure you write your name, class period & date you were absent on the top.