Mission & Goals


At Eagle Valley Middle School, our staff is committed to helping students achieve academic excellence.  It is our mission to help guide students educationally and socially within a safe environment.


To increase student achievement in Math and English by creating common units of study and common assessments


Teachers will plan with colleagues to create and utilize common units of study and common assessments. These will be used to provide consistency within curricular departments, therefore establishing consistent expectations and assessments that directly support and assess the Nevada Standards

To provide additional instructional time for students within the current daily timeframe.


RIT scores from the MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) assessments in Reading and Math will be used to provide specific, targeted instruction and interventions for students during Academic Strategies class. All certified staff will teach this additional 25- minute instructional class.

Increase parental and community involvement.


Parent and community resources will be coordinated for increased involvement and support. This will be accomplished by creating a Community Stakeholder's Group that will help provide resources, time and involvement.