Student Standard Attire Guidelines

In order to make the learning environment the best it can be for our students, we do require students to adhere to a school uniform. All shirts and pants/shorts can be bought at almost all clothing stores in the Carson City area.



(Effective as of 8-15-2022)


    • SHIRTS: Red, White, Navy Blue, or Black solid coloring.
    • SWEATSHIRTS, SWEATERS, FLEECE JACKETS, PANTS, SHORTS, SKIRTS: Red, White, Navy/Dark Blue, Black, Beige/Khaki or Gray coloring.
    • CCSD/EVMS dress code guidelines remain intact for all clothing.
    • No rips or tears are allowed.
    • No undergarments may be exposed.
    • All clothing with the exception of school specific/identified clothing must be free of messages, gang insignias, picture studs, jewels and chains.
  • SHIRT: Polo Shirt must be EVMS logo or alternate logo/brand name no larger than 3 inches in diameter.Shirts are to remained tucked in (from beginning bell to ending bell; with exception of lunch only).
  • SWEATSHIRT: Crewneck sweatshirt (EVMS logo or plain).Sweatshirts must be worn right-side out.Hooded or Zippered sweatshirts are NOT ALLOWED TO BE WORN IN THE BUILDING, except as designated by administration.Sweatshirt can have no logo, EVMS logo or alternate logo/brand name no larger than 3 inches in diameter or no logo.
  • JACKETS/COATS: Only fleece jackets are allowed.No jean, winter, or designer jackets/outerwear allowed to be worn inside building.
  • UNDER/OVERSHIRT: Any visible part of the undershirt may be of various colors or designs and must be tucked in under a polo shirt.  EVMS sports gear/attire worn over a polo, similar to a crewneck sweatshirt, can remain untucked.  Logos/print smaller than 3 inches in diameter is allowable.
  • PANTS, SHORTS, SKIRTS, TIGHTS/LEGGINGS: Denim/Blue Jeans are approved.No Yoga or Jegging-type of pants allowed.No sweatpants/joggers of any kind are allowed.
    • Skirts comprised of allowable colors are allowed. Tights/Leggings are required under skirts.
    • Tights/Leggings may NOT be worn without skirt or shorts.Those worn under skirts or shorts may be of various colors or designs.
    • All pants, trousers, shorts, and skirts must be secured at waist level and must be at least mid-thigh or longer in length.Sagging is strictly prohibited.
  • BELT (Optional): If a belt is worn, it must be appropriate for school. Belts must be free of gang insignias, spikes, chains, or inappropriate messages.Belts must have less than a 5-inch tail extending from the buckle.
  • SHOES: Choices will remain at the discretion of the student and parents.Shoes with hard/rubber soles must be worn.All shoes requiring shoelaces must be laced and tied appropriately.No sandals or slippers are allowed.
  • SOCKS: Choices will remain at the discretion of the student and parents.
  • ACCESSORIES: Jewelry and make-up will still be allowed, again in accordance with CCSD/EVMS dress code policy.
    • Scarves will be treated as an accessory if they are lightweight and decorative.Heavy, oversized, winter scarves will be treated as outwear and cannot be worn during the school day. HATS, BANDANDAS, OR OTHER HEADWEAR OF ANY TYPE ARE NOT CONSIDERED ACCESSORIES AND CANNOT BE WORN IN THE BUILDING BY ANY STUDENT.
  • Any question regarding SSA is up to the discretion and final approval of the site Administrator.