Changes in grading have occurred! Students’ grades are now semester-based.  This means the grades that you see posted are the most up-to-date grades.  It also means that students' grades are continuous through the entire semester, not per quarter.  So, your child's grades continue to build without resetting for each quarter.  For example, if your student has an 85% on the last day of the 1st quarter, they will begin the 2nd quarter with that same 85%.  Quarters are no longer averaged to create a semester grade, but the semester grade is based on your child's work during the entire first semester.

Attendance is very important, so we want to reward those students who are at school and on time to all classes.  Students who are not absent for personal appointments and who are not tardy to any classes for five consecutive days will earn a school appropriate non-SSA reward every Monday!  Students who are involved in school-sponsored events, such as sports or field trips, will not be counted as absent or tardy.  Students who have earned this reward will have their school ID numbers posted on the EVMS Homepage by Sunday evening so they will know if they can wear school-appropriate non-SSA clothing to school on Monday.

What Freedom Means to Me
Requirements: 350 words or less on what "Freedom Means to Me"
Prize: $5,000

You can pick up the cover sheet, rules, and flyer at the Student News organizer next to the student window at the front office.

Flyers can be found at the Student News next to the student window by the office.

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