Gifted and Talented Education Information

Our vision is that all students identified as having exceptional abilities will be given the opportunity and the guidance through their educational program to develop to their full potential.

The GATE program begins in third grade; however, we have a Young Scholars Program working with students in first and second grade at most elementary schools.

While teachers will be doing the majority of nominating students in grades 2-7, parents can also request to have their child nominated for inclusion in the program. The screening includes: teacher observations, SBAC scores when available, CogAT scores and MAP scores. Please click here to review or print the nomination packet. Once the nomination process has been completed in April, parents will receive written notification of their child’s eligibility in GATE for the upcoming school year.

The District provides GATE immersion or GATE Cluster programs in grades 3-5 at all elementary schools and a cluster program in grades 6-8 at Eagle Valley Middle School. The District also offers a full immersion program in grades 6-8 at Carson Middle School. All GATE students are taught by teachers with the GATE endorsement on their licenses, which includes 12 graduate credits with specialized instruction for GATE students.

Our Goals
  • To provide an educational program which enables each identified student to develop his/her thinking and self esteem to the fullest potential.
  • To provide specialized and ongoing training for teachers on how to provide these educational opportunities within the regular classroom.
  • To create an enthusiasm in the cluster group classroom that will encourage all students to raise their own expectations of their personal performance.
  • To serve a broader base of our student population with a more challenging and enriched curriculum.
If you would like to have your child considered for the GATE program in Carson City, please contact your child’s teacher and ask him/her to nominate your child. Parents will also need to complete and sign a Parent Authorization for Eligibility Testing form that the child’s teacher will provide. 

If you have any questions about the process, are new to our district or would like further considerations, please contact Joanna Kaiser, GATE implementation specialist, 775-283-1591 or

Gifted and Talented Education

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